Hazardous waste disposal services

Hazrem Environmental have the expertise to deal with all types of hazardous waste. Whether you produce hazardous waste in drums or in bulk, we have the in house knowledge to ensure your waste is dealt with in accordance with all current legislation and best practice guidance.

Should you produce waste in bulk liquid form then we have both ADR and Non – ADR Waste Vacuum Tankers, or if your waste is produced in drums or packages then we have various sized packaged goods vehicles.

Examples of hazardous waste we collect:

  • Oily rags / spill kits.
  • Electrical waste (WEEE).
  • Acidic waste.
  • Caustic waste.
  • Bulk liquid waste.
  • Paint waste.
  • Effluent waste.
  • Interceptor waste.
  • Laboratory waste.

Whether you produce on going hazardous waste streams, or simply have one off requirements, contact us now to discuss how our all encompassing service can benefit your business.

Get in touch with us today for all your hazardous waste recycling requirements in Newport by calling: 01495 244 757