Drummed / packaged waste

Hazrem Environmental have the expertise to deal with all types of hazardous waste. We have the in house knowledge to ensure your drummed and packaged waste is dealt with in accordance with all current legislation and best practice guidance.

Hazrem Environmental provides a total solution for dealing with your hazardous waste. We safeguard your duty of care and ensure your compliance by carrying out the following:

  • Advice on safe packaging.
  • Sampling and analysis.
  • Classification into the relevant hazardous waste category.
  • Safe packaging and labelling (to include laboratory smalls).
  • Issuing of the correct hazardous waste consignment notes.
  • Safe transportation with our various sized curtain sided vehicles.
  • Safe disposal or recycling to licensed facilities

Hazrem Environmental provide reconditioned or new drums / packaging to ensure your waste is safely stored prior to collection. We also offer a spill response service should you have any accidents or incidents whilst dealing with your waste or products.

Whether you produce on going hazardous waste streams, or simply have one off requirements, contact us now to discuss how our all encompassing service can benefit your business.



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